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You are the Ancient

Within you dwells the light of Pure Consciousness.

Its voice is of the Cosmic Heart.

You are far more than what you have been conditioned to believe.

There is an uninhibited, eternal Presence that resides within you, as you.

This Presence is your Authentic Self.

It is the One who knocked on your heart's door,

inviting you on a journey of discovery.

Your heart's Inner Sanctuary is your soul's royal abode.

It is home to the love and peace within.

It is your gateway to a life of mystery and magic.

You are the Sacred.

You are the Ancient.

You are the Light.

You are the One who has answered Its own call.

For you are everything you have ever envisioned....and more.

grand teton mountain range
Photo from my trip to the Grand Teton Mountain Range outside Jackson, Wyoming


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