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A training that creates ripples of change

Guiding Your Clients & Community through Change

Transformation Facilitator Training

Launches Fall 2023 | Join the Waitlist

A Personal Letter from Lila:

Namaste Healer... As you know, today many people are seeking guidance on how to process emotional baggage, work through their traumas, and questioning the meaning of life. With mental health services booked months out, these same people are turning to alternative health practitioners (like you!) to find solutions.


For 50 years combined, Isvari and I have been guiding people (probably you!😀) through deeper aspects of themselves and their relationship with life. Over the years, many of my own clients, who are also healers themselves, have asked "How do you do it?"


That's why I created the Transformation Facilitator training... to share the nuances to successfully assist people through life's challenges and changing landscapes. Using Yoga and Ayurveda as the framework, you'll walk away with a clear process of how to best serve your client's karmic path, leaving them with a greater sense of clarity, ease, and peace. Think of it as a journey into yoga psychology and spirituality for the empaths.

Look, I know you have a huge heart and want to help people. And the world needs your talents more than ever. Now is your chance to refine your skills, and serve a greater healing.


Join us! We'd love to see you in our virtual circle!

Are you called to assist people on their life's journey? Do you desire to hold a deeper, more intentional space during retreats and trainings? Do you desire to be a mirror of gratitude, empathy, and inspiration for your yoga students & clients?  If so, this course may be for you.
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In Light,

Online Training Details

2023 Dates TBD

5 Months

6 Modules

7 Live Sessions

60 Yoga Alliance continued education hours

ASL Interpretation available.

Hybrid Training Format:

Pre-recorded Modules

Practical Homework Assignments

Live Zoom Sangha Circles

Private Group Forum

What You'll Learn

Developing Intuition

Emotional Body + Its Relationships

Chakra Health + Impact on Personality

Art of Listening

Facilitating Shadow Work

Building Rapport

Trauma Sensitivity

Creating + Honoring Boundaries

Being a Leader in Transformation

Presenting Yourself + Your Services

Soul-honoring Pricing + Self Value

Intake Forms, Disclosures, & Disclaimers



Sangha Circles are our only Live sessions. They occur 1+ times a month and are recorded. ASL Interpreter provided.

Nov 8:  LIVE Launch

Nov 15:  Module 1 release, Building Relationships

Nov 22:  Worksheet release

Nov 29:  LIVE Sangha Circle

Dec 6:  Module 2, Conscious Communication

Dec 13:  Worksheet release

Dec 20:  LIVE Sangha Circle

Dec 27:  Holiday Break

Jan 3:  Module 3 + Worksheets (part 1), Process of Assessing

Jan 10: Module 3 + Worksheets (part 2), Gunas, Chakras, and the Mind

Jan 17:  LIVE Sangha Circle

Jan 24:  Module 4, Nuances of Deep Inner Work

Jan 31:  Worksheet release

Feb 7:  LIVE Sangha Circle

Feb 14:  Module 5, Marketing + Legalities

Feb 21:  Worksheet release

Feb 28:  LIVE Sangha Circle

March 7:  Module 6, Being a Leader for Change

March 14:  Worksheet release

March 21:  LIVE Sangha Circle

March 29: LIVE Graduation Ceremony (60m)

Detailed Curriculum


  + Serving with authenticity

  + Being present to develop trust

  + Keys to facilitate transformation

  + Gifts of heart-centered work


  + Clarifying the intention

  + Creating and honoring safe, sacred space

  + Art of listening


  + The Process of Assessment

  +  Assessing vs Diagnosing

  + Reading and assessing the trigunas and chakras and their impact on human personality and psychology


  + Identifying trauma sensitivities

  + The power of the optimistic mirror

  + Working through resistance


  + Presenting yourself, your services, and gifts

  + Writing copy that is true to you

  + Soul-honoring pricing and marketing self value

  + Intake forms, disclosures, and disclaimers


  + Embodying hope and healing

  + Facilitating shadow work

  + Inspiration for professional development


How it Works:

In order to honor your busy schedule, this five month training is designed in a way that moves you through the information slowly, with time for integration. This cyclical curriculum rotates self-paced theory videos, practical worksheets (homework), and a monthly live Q&A and peer share session that is recorded if you are unable to attend live.


Each activity in this training acts as a stepping stone on your journey, while the consistency of Tuesdays creates a grounded foundation for the coursework.

We launch with a group meet n greet and conclude with a group virtual graduation celebration.

The first Tuesday you'll receive the pre-recorded Curriculum Module. This gives you a week to watch the video, take notes, and revisit the information if you wish, making it easily digestible. This content will be presented in English and with ASL Interpretation done by myself or a professional interpreter.

The second Tuesday, you'll receive the Worksheets. They provide you with opportunities to embody and apply teachings in daily life. By putting the teachings into action for a week, you begin to see their impact and influence, creating a more direct understanding of the teachings.


The third Tuesday, we have our Live Sangha Circles. These recorded zoom sessions are where you get to ask questions, share your experience, and receive personalized guidance. You'll enter break out rooms to learn from peers. ASL Interpreter provided.

By taking your time to fully digest the information, you are able to implement teachings into your client relationships right away, developing the confidence you need to be a Transformation Facilitator in your community.

Existence is relationship.
We are created by relationship.
We live by the relationship with our stories.
Therefore, live well. Relate well. Connect well.

Your Teachers + Guides

Lila and Isvari first met at the Sivananda ashram over 10 years ago. With a combined 50 years of experience working with individuals on their transformative journeys, they have come together to share the wisdoms they have gained with you. This truly is a unique opportunity to learn from two elders in the fields of Yoga & Ayurveda, who will share with you the subtle nuances required to be the best facilitator and space holder for your students and clients.


Lila Lolling is a classically trained yoga instructor and yoga therapist. For over 20 years, she has been assisting people in their spiritual evolution and personal transformation. Her passion and experience has led her to be a community leader and intuitive healer.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 9.54.19 PM.png

Isvari Mary Ann Johnson, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and body worker. She is faculty for Dr. Lad's Vasant Institute of Ayurveda (VIOA) in Pune, India. She is a passionate practitioner, healer, and artist for the past 28 years has been spreading the word and love of Ayurveda and Yoga.


This unique course is for you if:

  • You have, or are ready, to receive one to one clients.

  • You feel like you've hit a glass ceiling with your clients and want to break through it.

  • You're looking for ways to increase your revenue.

  • You're ready to diversify your offerings, adding more value and options for your community.

  • You teach asana classes and afterwards students talk to you about their life challenges and seek your advice or counsel.

  • You host sacred circles, workshops, or yoga retreats.

  • You desire to be of service to your clients in the area of mental-emotional wellbeing.

  • You wish to dive deeper into yoga psychology as a tool for change.

  • You wish to learn more about shadow work and how to hold space for others' spiritual evolution.

  • You are a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, lifestyle/business coach, or other professional looking for practical tools for supporting your clients through powerful transformation.

  • You are an empathic human in relationship with other humans. 

What You'll Walk Away With

60hrs Yoga Alliance Continued Education Transformation Facilitator, Certificate of Completion

+  Confidence to meet with people one to one, beyond asana.

+  Richer experiences with your clients and students.

+  Step by step strategies to increase your 1:1 business revenue.

+  Enhanced teacher training programs by supporting student's inner work.

+  Inspiration to take your clientele and business to the next level.

+  Increased client recommendations and return visits.

+  Knowledge of how to facilitate life-changing retreats.

+  Tips to leading sacred circles and holding community space.

+  Clarity of your role as a leader for personal transformation and healing.

+  Deeper understanding of how to apply yoga philosophy to your service work.

+  Guidance in how to use the Gunas & Koshas as frameworks in working with others.

   ... and so much more you'll have to join to discover.


Your Self-Affirming Investment:

2 - 3 hours of study + reflection each week.


Tuition Levels:​

$1888 - Supportive

$1555 - Standard

$1111 - Supported

$222 deposit reserves your seat.

5 and 8 month payment plans available.

Monthly plans as low as $111 / month.

Spaces are limited to ensure it's a small group and you get the support you deserve. Early registration is recommended, as spaces are filling.

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