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A Devotional Journey Through Raja Yoga

“It is your choice to study yoga, but it is your destiny to become it.”

Long ago, a seed to summit a majestic mountain was planted within the subconscious mind. It has been patiently waiting for the right conditions in which to sprout.


For this book to enter your life, this primordial seed has sprouted, the time is ripe, and the calling has been heard. Perhaps, you had an experience on your mat, or an event in your life that is asking you to look within. Perhaps, you desire to step out of the mundane routines of life and reconnect to the magic of life.


Are you curious about what lies beyond the postures and breathing practices of yoga? Are you ready for inner development?

Then consider this the invitation you've been waiting for to pilgrimage to the Summit of inner peace.

Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga weaves together story-telling and classical yoga theory to create a modern guidebook of Raja Yoga for students, teachers, and yoga teacher trainees.


Walk alongside Sanjayā, a woman who found herself laid off from her corporate job, as she makes the brave decision to do her first-ever, multi-day solo hiking trip up a mountain.


Along the way, her journey parallels the teachings of the eight limbs of yoga, making the yogic theory relatable, interesting, and applicable to modern life.


Each chapter provides prompts for contemplation and journaling along with practical daily exercises that take the reader from theory into practice by exploring the inner heart.

This self-published book has sold almost 1,000 copies globally and has been read by practitioners and used as a teacher training manual in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. 

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Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

8 Limbs of Raja Yoga - one chapter each limb

Understanding Desire

Contemplation Practices

Journal Prompts

Hatha Yoga Practices

80+ Philosophy Review Questions (perfect for Yoga TT programs)

Sanskrit Dictionary with root meanings


A Yoga Teacher Trainee's Experience:

"Lila radiates sweetness and authenticity, teaching in a simple way that's easy to understand. I'm currently reading her book and it's filled with great stuff! I highly recommend an opportunity to learn from her!

- Emily O'Hara Hunt, Ohio

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