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Yoga Philosophy Teacher,
Eco Activism, and Change Leader

Inspiring Communities in Change

A Life in Service to Humanity

Līlā (Leela) Lolling is a classical trained yoga instructor, yoga therapist, author, environmentalist and entrepreneur who is on a mission to bridge the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy and our sacred role in awakening to eco consciousness.

Līlā (Leela) Lolling is a classical trained yoga instructor, yoga therapist, and author of Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga. For over two decades she has trained yoga teachers and yoga therapists in the nuances of classical yogic wisdoms.


Throughout her service-oriented career, she has owned three yoga studios and founded a 501c3 nonprofit organization that trained Deaf people and sign language interpreters on the nuances of Yoga in ASL. Lila has been featured in leading yoga magazines, and in 2018 addressed the world's dignitaries at the United Nation's International Day of Yoga on the topic of Yoga for Peace.


She currently serves as a board member of Hope Springs Institute, a nonprofit spiritual retreat center in Appalachian Ohio.

Lila's life is a soulful dedication to sharing wisdoms she gained from monks, spiritual seekers, gardeners farmers, and nature lovers. She is committed to living a life that aligns with a collective vision of hope, love, community, reciprocity and healing as we usher in a new paradigm for life on Earth. 

The Yoga Journey

Lila’s journey into yoga began in the late 90s as a means to reduce epileptic seizures. She uncovered a passion for study, service, healing, and purpose.


Her monastic education and spiritual home was found within the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and the Saraswati lineage of South India. Her primary education is Advaita Vedanta, a non-dualistic philosophy propagated by Sri Adi Shankaracharya (780 CE) and Swami Sivananda (1887-1963).

Lila has lived, studied and taught at traditional yoga monasteries. She continues to be a dedicated seeker & practitioner, finding ways to be in service and assist others move through life with more joy and ease.


The Environmental Journey

Lila's journey into environmentalism began around the same time she was introduced to a holistic way of living through yogic principles.


Her activism began on Austin's Capitol steps to protect watersheds from development. She then moved to more direct action, which included Permaculture practices at home, volunteering for community gardens and CSA's, and joining any cause to protect and preserve nature's resources.


In 2018 her focus shifted to yoga as a solution to the climate crisis, having participated in several programs from a variety of organizations including Omega Institute's Center for Sustainable Living, EcoPsychology Initiative, Drawdown, and the Pachamama Alliance. She continues to take regenerative actions and dreams of a world that lives in harmony with oneself, others, and our Earth Mother.


Watch Lila address the United Nations on the topic of "Yoga + Peace"

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"Lila is authentic. She walks the wisdom she teaches. Her spirit shines through her eyes and smile as she holds space for everyone, where they are. Even in my worst times she kept a safe space for me."

- Anonymous, United Kingdom

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