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Get to Know Lila

Yoga Philosophy Teacher, Author + Eco-Activist

Lila (lee-laa) Lolling is an experienced Hatha Yoga, meditation, and classical yoga philosophy teacher for 20 years. Her primary source of education is through the world-renowned International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

An accomplished presenter and writer, Lila artfully combines the ancient teachings of yoga with modern day living. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and conscious, Earth-steward who has lived and taught at traditional yoga ashrams (monasteries) around the globe. She travels the world teaching retreats, immersions, and teacher training courses.

In December 2016, Lila published her first book Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga, a devotional view on Raja Yoga. It was written with the intention to be an east-meets-west yoga philosophy book for yoga students, teacher trainings, and book clubs.

In June 2018, Lila was invited to speak at the United Nation's during the International Day of Yoga in New York City. She was one of five panelists to speak on the topic "Yoga for Peace." Watch Lila's Presentation

In the same year, she graduated from Omega Institute's Ecological Literacy Immersion Program, a social and regenerative design course that further inspired her current endeavor for climate optimism which was envisioned in the Himalayas a year prior and birthed in the Hudson Valley where she currently resides.

Lila grew up in the country, yet has lived in major cities. She still finds her most precious moments are exploring nature's healing forests and sacred waters. She is an avid gardener, nature lover, and yoga practitioner who believes in the healing power of nature and yoga.


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Meet Lila:

Listen to this Podcast

Theresa Windann interviews Lila on Kingston NY Radio for her show and podcast "I Want What She Has." Listen to Lila share her story about how overcoming adversities through yoga helped her heal and open her heart to all that life has to offer.

Lila Speaks at the UN on Peace

During the International Day of Yoga 2018, Lila was invited to be one of five panelists to address the United Nations on the topic of Peace and Yoga. She spoke about her service work within the Deaf yoga community, living with epilepsy, and the true nature of the human being.