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Yoga for our Earth Mother

Vedic Teachings for Modern Times

Ancient Insights + Practices as Medicine

There are stories told about how the Bhagavad Gita and classical Hatha Yoga were left for this particular era - a time when humans, and all life on our planet, would endure great suffering. A time when materialism would flourish, spirituality and overall health would plummet, and balance would be disrupted.

Yogic teachings and practices were carefully curated and handed down as a medicine to alleviate suffering and elevate consciousness, taking one closer to their inherent inner peace, while uplifting the collective mind.


It's my belief, and experience, that by studying and adopting a yogic lifestyle, we can help to rebuild the relationship we have with our selves, each other, and our Earth Mother. This can bring hope, inspiration, and healing to a world deep in need.

Examples of Yoga as Climate Action

Vedanta: Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy is a general term that includes various branches of knowledge studied as one integrated wisdom. This includes philosophy, psychology, ritual, and spirituality to name a few. By bringing spirituality into your life, you broaden your vision, find purpose in your birth, and regain a sense of belonging.

Dhyana: Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to calm the mind, elevate the mood, improve sleep, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, improve cognitive and behavioral function, and give an overall sense of peace to the practitioner. There are social studies that have been done on the impact of collective consciousness, for example Transcendental meditation and its relationship to the reduction of city crime rates.

Hatha Yoga: Asana + Pranayama

With disease rates and mental illness on the rise, classical Hatha Yoga has proven benefits that help to regulate imbalances and optimize the processes of the physical, energetic, and mental-emotional bodies. Asana and pranayama are far more than exercise and breathwork. They are healing modalities that have been used for thousands of years to alleviate suffering and instill health and vitality.

Sacred Ecology + Rewilding

Exploring the intersection between science, ecology, and spirituality as a method of reconnecting to nature gives you the direct experience to reclaim from where your Earthly body was born. Time in nature is scientifically proven to improve immunity, build resiliency, reduce tumors, calm the mind, and most importantly reconnect people with their Earth Mother.

Bhakti Yoga: Reverence

Emotional healing is a critical step in healing for people and planet. When we consciously work to open our hearts, we can not only reconnect to the oneness of life, but we will be able to heal the land beneath our feet. Reverence is honoring all life is sacred, and within that belief you develop a deep love for yourself, other human and non human global family members, and natural world.

Dharma: Right Living

Dharma is the Truth North, the guiding force within that governs our ethical and moral conduct. It is in alignment with the universal laws of nature, because it is Nature Herself. By tuning to our Earth Mother's natural cycles and rhythms, we tune ourselves to a more wholistic way of living. This grows connection and awareness, making it easier to make the necessary choices to live more climate positive life.

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"It is your choice to study yoga,
but it is your destiny to become it."
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