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Support for People + Studios

One to One Sessions are a safe, intimate space for you to uncover deeper aspects of yourself. By using the tools of yoga psychology and yoga therapy, you are able to overcome obstacles and become an embodiment of the optimism and change.


Vedic Counseling blends yoga and Western psychology and philosophy to support your spiritual evolution. Sessions are a form of alternative talk therapy, that supports you in doing the inner work to process past traumas, evolve spiritually, and begin to embrace all of who you are in this life.


Tools used: yoga psychology, self-reflection, journal prompts, intuitive listening, and conscious communication.

75m Individual Session: $125
Package of 3 or more: $90/session


Yoga Therapy is the professional application of hatha yoga principles and practices to bring the body-mind back into a state of balance. Lila uses classical Hatha Yoga to work with specific ailments, diagnoses, and illnesses in a way that supports your healing journey. The goal of these sessions is to ignite health and wellbeing.


Tools used: yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra.

75m Individual Session: $125
Package of 3 or more: $90/session


Business Coaching sessions support you in your work. You'll receive the guidance and answers you need to address your concerns and move from a place of alignment. One of my gifts in business is in innovative solutions unique to your business mission, goals, and needs.


Areas of support: program development, teacher training mentorship, business model reorganization, website development and strategic planning.

75m Individual Session: $125
Package of 3 or more: $90/session


As you've uncovered, my mission highlights the intersection of Yoga and the climate crisis. I truly believe that there is a new vision for our modern yoga studios. One where the studio becomes a community center that is a refuge from daily stressors, a place to connect with others, and a safe place to process anxieties and fears related to the state of our world. There could be workshops on the climate crisis and building local resiliency, sacred circles holding space for eco grief, and organized community actions for positive change.

By moving in this direction, your studio becomes a healing island in a world of chaos. If you are inspired to move your studio in this direction, please reach out to schedule your free 30m discovery call. Studio Coaching sessions are tailored for your business goals, vision, and ecosystem. After all, our choices today are our children's future.

Anonymous Client Testimonials

to honor their privacy

"In just the intake session, I felt so comfortable, safe and seen. Lila helped me feel 'normal' and was able to identify key areas of my life that needed support. I truly believe she has a gift of seeing what we cannot."

"I literally feel like the past 2 months working with Lila has offered me more relief and release than 10 years of talk therapy! I cannot recommend working with her enough!"

"I can't say this enough but I deeply appreciate you, Lila. Thank you for holding, listening, and accepting me as I am, for your generous guidance and perceptiveness and pure heart. In a little over an hour, you widened the crack in my heart and mind, and gave me so much to feel and think through and integrate... you have changed me forever."

"I was so in awe and moved by your intuitive reading... and at the same time, felt exposed and vulnerable. Yet you helped me to open, receive, and feel safe. You, or your teachers through you or something, helped me feel capable and brave enough to do the inner work. Thank you!"

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