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Yoga as Medicine for People + Planet

Yoga Philosophy + Sacred Ecology

A Life of Service

Līlā (Leela) Lolling is a classically trained yoga instructor, yoga therapist, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author of Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga.

She leads embodied-learning experiences that transform your relationship with self, reconnects you to your Earth Mother, and highlights your crucial role in personal and planetary healing.

For over two decades, Lila's eco yoga programs, retreats, and trainings have educated and inspired thousands of yoga instructors and practitioners around the world. Her curriculums are deeply rooted in the classical yoga philosophy, science, sacred ecology, and tips on adopting a climate positive lifestyle.

For thousands of years, yoga has been a medicine for the times, today is no different. The various facets of yoga can address the multitude, and magnitude, of the crises we face as a global family.

Lila's Main Offerings

Three Paths to Transformation

The Inner Work:
Personal Coaching

These sessions meet you where you are and support you in doing the inner work. You'll be guided to release negativity and stress through empowered action. This illumines your inner light, bringing clarity of vision for the next steps on your spiritual journey. Change begins within and I support you on that journey.

The Heart Work:
Sangha Circles

Sangha Circles are an invitation to join an online group of seekers who are redefining how they show up in the world. Through meditations, contemplations, and community sharing we hold space for the emotional and spiritual aspects of life as a community rooted in peace.

The Sangha Work:
TT Modules

Are you looking for a yoga philosophy teacher for your Yoga Training? Hire Lila to lead a workshop, series, or the full Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics YPLE module of your training. Yoga Alliance accredited. 


Lila also welcomes invites for podcasts that align with her mission + values. 

Meditation in Daily Life

Walking the Ancient
Path of Yoga

Lila's book weaves together story-telling and classical yoga theory to create a modern guidebook of Raja Yoga for students, teacher, and yoga teacher trainees.

Self-published with nearly 1,000 copies sold worldwide, this book was written with the intention to be a study guide and spiritual seekers and a manual for yoga teacher training programs. Used in training programs in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia to name a few.

Walking the ancient path of yoga by Lila Lolling, cover of the book

"Lila is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, fun, and passionate. She explains so simply and uniquely for all to understand. She is detailed, radiant, and filled with love."

- Karina, New York

Empowered actions that lead to inner peace

As we witness the many crises confronting us, it's common to feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or even begin grieving what we are losing.


Many of us are also sensing a hopeful call to act in a way that supports and uplifts the whole, moving past the grief and fear.

Yoga Philosophy and yogic scriptures mentioned this time where the planet would endure great suffering. They also shared wisdoms that would alleviate the suffering through practical, spiritual practices.


Today with easier access to these teachings and to a community of others who feel similar, you too can embark on a journey of change.


By adopting an eco yoga lifestyle, taking action, and joining a community - you begin to mend your heart, feel a sense of belonging, and find purpose in your life.


Plus, you'll become an immune cell in the body of life, being a source of medicine and love our world so desperately needs.

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