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Hi there! Thanks for visiting, I'm curious how you were guided here. However the journey, welcome.


While here you will notice themes of spirituality and the natural world. Classical yoga and earth stewardship are the seeds from which my offerings blossom. They are my heart song and soul wisdoms.


It appears that the human species is going through some sort of collective self reflection. We are noticing our current lifestyle is not sustainable and many are dreaming about a new global vision that supports, sustains, and benefits all life. We seem to be contemplating what is important in life, assessing our own needs as well as that of the collective.


How do you envision the future for people and planet?

As I continue to explore my own response to that question, I turn to the ancient wisdoms of yoga and indigenous cultures who have guided human consciousness for millennia. They are the teachers and the tools we need to answer this question and navigate these current, turbulent times of change. They give us a foundation to know what is needed for a more enriching and sustainable life and future. Weaving the ancient wisdoms with modern day intelligence, we can refine the way we live as a human species. 


Transformation is key.

And it is also the invitation offered here.

Thank you again for following your curiosity and thank you for your time reading my site.

With Love + Namaste Heart,

The Invitation

a journey of personal + planetary transformation
journal prompt:
What does my heart want me to know?

Your are born from Nature. Your vessel is made of her minerals, her waters, and her forests. You are also pure consciousness. The eternal state beyond the mind, senses, and emotions. You are both consciousness and matter, spirit and nature, Siva and Shakti.

And we are living in a terrible state of imbalance. Human disease and stress levels continue to rise, while quality of life and overall happiness plummets. Humans are suffering on all levels and during nearly every stage of life.


The same is true for Earth. Extinction rates, carbon emissions, sea levels, and global temperatures are rising. Her resources, especially clean ones, are diminishing at a rate never seen before. Earth is also suffering.

There truly is no 'other'. She is the macro, we the micro. And we are both sick, facing extinction, and yearning for a simpler, happier and healthier life.

The Invitation:

To join a journey of personal + planetary transformation by using classical yoga and earth-based wisdoms as the frameworks to uncover your best self and best life.


When we do that, we act as an empowered presence in the collective consciousness and as a healthy cell in the body of life. It's as if the ancient teachings and stories were passed down for this very moment. A time when we are losing sight of the wonder of life and also instinctively yearning for more. A time of personal and planetary change. After all, we deserve to live our best life. 


So the question remains,  'How will you respond to the call for transformation?


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