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Welcome + Namaste

Thank you for visiting my site, I'm curious how you arrived. However the journey, welcome, I'm glad our paths have crossed.

It is my intention that during your visit here you get to know me authentically; who I am as a presenter, author, and human. It is also my intention that you know my mission in this big collective, and the invitation that is being offered through me.
So again welcome.


You will notice themes of the natural world and spirituality woven throughout this site. Classical Yoga and environmentalism are the foundations upon which I stand. They are my heart's song and my soul's message.

If you've been following me, you'll notice a new online direction of teaching, namely through my upcoming subscription based eco-conscious and heart centered lifestyle video channel and community app. These are two ways to stay connected and deepening in your daily life.


There is also an invitation for self and planetary healing being offered. And what is healing? It is a return to balance. So many of us are seeking a simpler, more joyous, vibrant and conscious life. We are desiring more authentic connections and many are curious how to live more in harmony with nature.  After all, nature + spirit reside within us, as us, and they are always changing and evolving, so why shouldn't we? Are you ready to return to balance? Do you hear the call?


If so, consider joining us as we take a collective stance, as yoga practitioners and Earth-stewards, evolving ourselves while learning to live with a lighter footprint during our time on Earth.


So again, thank you for following your curiosity. May you feel inspiration and joyful in your heart always.


and welcome.

The Invitation

Conscious, heart-forward living that honors Nature + Spirit
lila pourig water from hands cory goldberg photography

Over the years, I have asked many people in workshops and trainings, "What are you seeking?" And you know what, not one person answered a bigger house, new clothes, or a new phone. Not one.

Their answers relate to the quality of life. The most common responses were connection, peace, love, respect, and purpose. When we look at it from the lens of yoga philosophy, we could say that what we are seeking is the very core of who we are. After all, the practice of showing up in our lives and stepping onto our mat is a daily invitation to slow down, become present, and tune within.


Our true north, our true nature, is found within the sacred heart space. It is here where the elements, energies, and Presence dance as one; dispelling duality, giving way to clarity and connection.

As we awaken to the Presence within us, which is us, we reclaim all that we are...spirit and matter, mind and consciousness, plants and animals, mountains and valleys. All the visible and invisible worlds that link us to the most magical tapestry we call Life.

And when we consistently enter the ancient cave of our hearts, we awaken to the innate intelligence of Nature + Pure Consciousness within us, manifesting as an individual. We gain clarity of our life purpose and become more present in day to day activities. When we devote time to sit quietly with ourself, we realize our life is simply a mysterious journey of epic discovery.


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