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Living Unconditional Love

We often hear to "love yourself and others unconditionally." But what does that mean? Why does it seem so hard? When we look into the Bhakti Yoga teachings, we learn that all beings, all species, are a reflection of the one Cosmic Consciousness. We learn that at the heart of this vast universe is the pulse of Divine Love. We are encouraged to live knowing that who we really are is Pure Love.

So why is it so difficult to feel, express, and connect to?

One theory is that when trauma occurs in our life, we tend to "build walls" to protect ourselves from experiencing pain again. These walls, in whatever form they may manifest, act as a subtle vice that slowly suffocates oneself from Divine Love. We may feel disconnected from ourselves and/or from the world around us. These surpressed emotions and experiences are then stored in what we can call the "pain body." This wounded-self is the level of consciousness that then navigates and dictates our experiences and perceptions.

Until we can embrace and welcome home our wounded-self, the way we perceive things will be skewed. We will find that we are seeing things from the perspective of the pain-body, not the compassionate, forgiving heart. This wounded-self is the part of us that is seeking wholeness, whether subconsciously or consciously. It is searching for love, acceptance, and peace.

So when you confront your pain body, instead of running away from it, embrace it. Hold yourself in it. Know that you are capable of owning that pain-body and strong enough to set it free. When we consciously work on our heart-centers, we find that we will inevitably be invited to walk this journey from pain-body to the love-bliss-body.

When we open ourselves to Divine Love, we can learn to love oneself and others unconditionally because we are supported completely by the universe. We are connecting to the very Essence of our Being. Loving unconditionally isn't only about loving in whatever situation arises. It's about allowing our True Self to shine through us. In this process, we heal our pain-body and free the Divine Love within.


Do I love myself unconditionally? If not why? What stops me from experiencing my own Divine Love? Do I love others, those who have hurt me, unconditionally? If not why? What stops me from seeing the "other" as my very Self?


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