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As Vast as an Ocean

It has been just over three weeks since I left Ohio and the life teachings in India have been ever-present. They seem to surface here every day. Perhaps it is that I am more present, more open here...or perhaps it is the secret that lies in India and the reason why so many "seekers of Truth" roam this ancient land.

For the past two weeks I have been assisting the Yoga Teacher Training Course. Each Friday is our day off to explore the local cities and beaches. Kerala is known as "God's own Country" and I can easily see how it has earned this motto. This past Friday I joined a group of ladies to go to Kovalam beach, a tourist beach in south India.

I have been here several times now and always look forward to reconnecting to the inviting warm waters of the Arabian Sea.

Every time I see such a magnificent body of water, I am deeply humbled. I am reminded of my small place in this universe and how truly small "my world" is in the big picture.

I always begin with a prayer as I enter the water. It's as if it is the Divine Mother to me. I pray for her health and vitality; for her purification; and I pray that we, as humans, begin to understand her impermanence and great purpose. As I entered the warm waters with deep reverence and gratitude, it felt as though the waves were kissing my feet with gratitude.

Gazing out to the endless horizon and expansive sea, a thought bubbled into my mind, "You are more vast than this sea." The thought of the infinite Brahman (God) came to my mind.

After contemplating that for a few moments, a large wave came crashing into my body, sending my awareness into the present moment. Gathering my grounding after being thrown by the wave, another thought bubbled up, "You are stronger than this wave."

Within seconds the ego created all kinds of reasons why I was not as infinite as the sea nor as strong as the waves. It took me a while to believe that my True Nature, my Real Self IS infinite and IS stronger than the material world.

Gently smiling as my gaze is redirected to the horizon, I realize that it is the veil of maya that limits me from knowing the Truth about my identity. In that moment, I brought my hands to prayer position and begged the universe with all my heart, "Please reveal to me my True Nature. Please show me the vastness of my Essence. Please reveal to me the true strength of my Nature. Show not only me...but show us all."

With this I dived beneath the growing waves, knowing in this moment, the Truth of who I am.


Do you take moments to remember your True Nature? To truly embody the inherent Oneness, Strength, Eternal nature of your Being? Do you know, and accept, how truly magnificent you are?

Breathe in the light of God. Breathe in the glory of the Soul. Believe in your Vast Eternal Nature. Believe in your strength. Pray to embody your True Nature. Have the courage to live your Essence with total abandon.

This is your invitation.

How will you respond?


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