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Your Life is Spiritual

Lila squatted down in a shallow lake edge, with water flowing through her fingers

Your life is your spiritual path.

There has never been a time that you are not on this journey.

Every moment of your life, you have been walking the journey your soul has perfectly planned for you.

This journey is one of Self-discovery.

It is your ticket to a more purposeful life.

The invitation presented here is to connect more deeply with the life that you are and now.

To become present to the gifts it offers each and every day.

Your life is a sacred offering.

A gift from the divine to you.

Each day is an opportunity to look deeper, study closer, and authentically connect to what IS.

Explore your life with deeper eyes.

See the deeper meaning that is in the mystery.

Open you heart to the gift of the life and find within your day, moments of gratitude and appreciation just to be alive.

Explore your life with curiosity and passion.

Your life is all you have right now...dive in with unabandoned delight and explore what it is trying to teach you.



Often we believe that the spiritual journey has to look a certain way, or we have to behave a certain way in order to live a spiritual life. Yoga teaches us that this life, this precious gift, IS spiritual. In this moment, I invite you to write out some images in your mind that you carry about what living a spiritual life looks like. Are your conclusions rooted in truth? Do they lift you up, or hold you down? Do you feel free in your beliefs?


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