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Fall: A season of transition

Living a conscious life requires effort. It is not the easy path. In fact, more than likely, you will be challenged to make tough decisions in the name of self-care and self-honoring. Those choices come from an invitation for transformation. How we respond to that invitation is what walking a spiritual life is all about.

When the season of fall enters your life, it is an opportunity to release what is not necessary and what is no longer serving you. Trees cannot keep their leaves on the branches all year, for if they did, there would be no opportunity for new growth the following spring. The same is true for us. If we choose to resist the natural cycle of letting go, the process of transformation, we can feel as though we are battling against something. And perhaps we are...perhaps we are going against nature by trying to hold on to the past, the future, bad relationships, personal identities, etc.

In nature we can see how much She sheds...trees release their leaves, flowers their petals, and even the light is released every evening at sunset. When we are able to bravely stand balanced and strong amongst the changing seasons, we are revealed the depth of our inner strength. Fall comes as a reflection of the power of letting go, a time to be in the sacred space between the thriving summer and the restful winter.

Using tools such as surrender, patience, and acceptance give us the ability to move through transition with grace and ease. When we allow ourselvese to believe, to feel in our heart of hearts that fall is a natural rhythm of life, we are better equipped to accept our fate and tap into that inner strength knowing that from this necessary release, a beautiful bountiful life is just around the corner.


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