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Our Collective Dharma as Humans

We were not incarnated in any other era of human history. We were born now. To live during uncertainty, upheaval, and fear. You, me, all of us born now are here to witness and be an active part of redefining the way the human species lives on this planet.

We are living during the greatest time of imbalance, destruction, and greed that humans have ever seen.

Never before has the entire planet been sucked into the oily and suffocating influence of corporate power and greed.

It is sucking the life force out of the people and the planet. And yet we are conditioned to remain in the trance of the 'chase.' Chasing after status quo’s, labels, brands, and flourishing bank accounts. Forced into online purchases, consumption, and fear.

Everywhere we look, including google results, is programmed and conditioned to influence us to be the very best humans for their bottom line... numb and passion-less and consume-more.

But we are waking up to the truth.

We have had enough.

Mother Nature has had enough.

Enough pillaging.

Enough destruction.

Enough separation.

Enough artificiality.

And enough molesting of the hope and dignity of people and planet.


It’s time we rise as a collective.

It’s time we stand strong, hand in hand.

It’s time to peacefully stand, yet firmly grounded in our own individual changes that will help to redefine the way we live, embodying the basic yoga principle that "all life is sacred."

We are intelligent enough to weave sustainability, oneness, and reverence to our daily choices; industry included.


But we can’t wait for the corporations or a governmental unified movement forward. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What if we are meant to rise individually, and yet together? What if the transformation is achieved by the 99%?

Our Mother has given us time to sit and reflect on the ways of the past, with clearer eyes while we envision the way of the future from a higher intelligence than what created these issues.

It’s up to us.

It’s up to you.

It’s up to me.

We can do this.

We need to do this.

And I deeply believe, we will do this!

Say it with me...





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