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Full Moon Prayer

It is time.

Time for soulful integration.

Time for renewal and rebirth.

Time to surrender past wounds and unspoken expectations.

Time to embrace pain and emerge from within it.

It is time to live for me, by me.

It is time to live as I have always envisioned,

Not for the sake of others, but because it's setting free who I really am.

I want to stand powerful in my own two feet from the place of the sacred feminine.

I want to be vulnerably-strong, able to remain present and peaceful in a myriad of emotions.

I want to thrive with creativity, witnessing nature's hands at play.

I want to love without limits, for others and myself.

I want to dance with joy and sing with laughter.

I want to grow like wildflowers, slowly revealing more and more beauty over time.

I pray to Father Sky and Mother Earth for strength and courage to rise from the ashes.

I pray to the East to continue reminding me of the importance of new beginnings.

I pray to the West to give me the dedication necessary to continue letting go.

I pray to the South to light my way through the challenges of life.

I pray to the North to continue keeping me "on track" and reminding me that True North lies within.

And I pray to you, Mother Moon... sweet, sweet Luna.

I pray you shower your blessings and intentions for renewal upon me.

I pray you hear my words and whisper them to the stars, supporting me in fulfilling your wish.

The time is now.

I am ready.


May this intention be heard by all. Aho!

Prayer written by Lila Lolling


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