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A Return... a journal entry

a black and white photo of Lila laying on a large boulder and resting her head on it like in Childs pose

This entry is directly from my journal. One evening as I was sitting in front of my altar, basking in the light of peace and love, this came to me. It was like a force from beyond. When those moments happen, I've learned to grab a pen...and this is the result.

It seems that more than ever, community is needed.

More than ever its time to come together.

More than ever our strong voices and courageous actions are required.

More than ever its time to heal past wounds, and blossom our hearts.

More than ever we are being asked to steward each other in our 'becoming'.

As our Earth Mother and collective consciousness continues to awaken, we are along for the ride. Whether or not we are aware of it, and whether or not we want to confront our pain, it's an inevitable process that is unfolding in the hearts of many around the planet.

There is a return happening:

A return to a simpler life.

A return to a natural way of living.

A return to in-person connections.

A return to tech-free living.

A return to nature.

A return to our inner world.

A return to reverence.

A return to ancient wisdoms.

A return to peace and harmony.

A return to regenerative principles.

A return to a slower pace.

A return to the sense of awe.

A return to healthy soil.

A return to home grown food.

A return to community.

A return to acceptance.

A return to peace.

A return to spirituality.

A return to unconditional love.

This return is happening all over the world.


Have your felt call to 'Return'?

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