The Gift of Shattering

Updated: Mar 31

Once in a while, if you are lucky, the Universe will ask you to shatter... shatter your preconceived ideas, fears, identities, imaginations... all things not rooted in Truth. At various times, Life will challenge your thinking, your habits and your identities about who you think you are or who you think you want to be. "Divine Shattering" offers an opportunity to relinquish old perceptions about yourself and an opportunity to step into a more Divine You.

Shattering happens when our current frequency needs adjusting for our highest spiritual evolution. Shattering is a forced shifting and a forced change in frequency. Shattering is a Divine act that pushes us in the direction we know we need to go, but for some reason, have not taken the necessary bold steps forward.

On the spiritual path, it seems that if you want to experience the peace within, you must be willing to shatter, shatter the ego, shatter the veils of self-identity, and shatter all beliefs.

When you allow the shatter, not fighting or resisting it, all that is not real falls to the ground. All that holds you back is released. Fears, relinquished.

The beauty of the shatter is that once you relinquish your old identity and story, what remains in the core of who you are... that part of yourself that is your authentic being. All the negativity that surrounded you goes back into existence. This process of dissolution allows for rebirth and spiritual transformation.

For the next two weeks (especially on Mondays), it is the time of Shiva, the destroyer. This is an auspicious time to let go of the old and make way for the new. A beautiful time to recommit yourself to your spiritual evolution. To continue to turn over the leaves of life and investigate what lies under each one.

Remember, shattering gives you the ability to live freely in every moment. It allows you to redefine who you are in every single moment. It is the key for personal transformation and spiritual Truth.

Ask yourself...

"How willing am I to step out of the drama and step into the Light, into a world beyond names, forms, adjectives, and even roles? How willing am I to redefine myself in every moment? How willing am I to intimately know every nook and cranny of the totality of my being, right now, in this moment?

Shatter beloved. Shatter those identities and ideas... for what remains is only space, only God, only Light.​

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