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My Covid-19 Impact

If I close my eyes and envision the possibilities that lie ahead, I find great comfort in trusting in our inherent goodness.

When I consider where will be when all of this is said and done, I see myself joyfully walking out my front door. I take a deep breath in, feel the purer air enter my lungs and fill my body with vital energy and life. I look around and see less cars on the streets and more of my neighbors on the sidewalks. More of us saying hi to one another acting as united citizens on this planet.

I envision the ability to go for a summer swim in the much purer waters of our region. I envision a pace of life without the need to run-ragged. I envision many of us stepping out of our artificial life and back into the natural world.

bare feet walking on a path within the forest.

I envision we’ve come together from around the world in solidarity to redirect our future while reshaping the present that we are leaving behind to younger generations.

I take a deep inhale and draw in all the goodness that can come from this crisis and tragedy. I know my part begins by sitting still, turning off the devices, and allowing my awareness to come back home back to the core of who I am.

This sacred home within is a reflection our earthly home. I am born from our Mother Earth. I am born from her forest, her minerals, her waters. I am a healthy cell in the body of God. As I breathe I feel that I am a part of the connected web of life.

As I slowly open my eyes and return to the present moment, I know that how I choose to respond in this moment leads to the dream of the future that myself and so many others across the globe envision.

It starts with how we respond today in this moment.

So the question is passed on to you..

What is your vision for our world? And is your lifestyle supporting that vision?


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