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Read Lila's Book on Raja Yoga

Walking the Ancient Path of Yoga

Written by Lila Lolling

This book was written with the intention to shine a light on the simple, yet mystical and complex teachings of Raja Yoga, the path dedicated to transcending the mind.


When we explore the nature of thoughts and understand how the mind works, we become empowered in directing our lives down the road best suited for our inner development. We then can experience life beyond our triggers and act from a place of oneness, understanding what's behind the mental chatter.

Each chapter presents classical information in two ways:
1. a fictional story of a woman trying to summit a great mountain

2. yoga philosophy and theory about the eight limbs of Raja Yoga

The book also contains hatha yoga practices, guided meditations and self-reflective journal prompts that help you dive deeper into your inner and outer connections.

It is the perfect book for spiritual seekers who wish to dive deeper into yoga's ancient philosophy. It has been used as a study guide for yoga practitioners + teachers, teacher training courses, and book clubs around the globe. Order your copy now.


Book Contents

Traditional yoga teachings on the eight limbs of Raja Yoga as defined by Patanjali Maharaj

Contemplative practices that investigate your current daily choices and lifestyle habits

Journal questions that encourage you to dive deeper into your Spiritual Self and explore your vast inner world

Yoga practices that offer you peace of mind and clarity to know your path

80+ Philosophy review questions perfect for personal + group study (TT)

Sanskrit dictionary with more than 100 words + their root meanings

Read an Exert from Lila's Book

Exerts from Chapter One (Yoga)

Fictional Story Parallels Yoga Psychology Theory

Fictional Story - "Standing at the base of the great mountain before her, Sanjaya is humbly reminded just how small she is in this time and space in the universe. It's as if she is a young seedling rooting in the forest floor, destined to become the towering canopy of an old-growth forest. The light of pure consciousness has finally awakened within her, which seemed to be extinguished for ages.


As her eyes gaze upon the trailhead, her heart flutters with childlike nervousness at what she has been called to undertake. "Is this summit even possible? What does the trail have in store for me? Will I succeed and bag the peak?"Questions flood her mind like morning rays of sun flood the land after a moonless night. She takes a moment for a silent prayer, hoping all the sacrifices are worth it."


Theory - "In the beginning, as one embarks on the spiritual journey, it is common to keep looking down at the ground. It's as if the mind is constantly looking for dangers --rocks, roots, sticks, bugs, snakes--anything that can hinder progress or cause a fall.

The process of walking with the head down can be compared to doing what is necessary to make ends meet. It is the walk of survival. However, what happens when the head is down is that the beautiful diversity of life, and the more importantly, our interaction with it, goes unnoticed."

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Book Contemplations

What is my relationship with the natural world around me? Am I open to receiving nature and deeply connecting to the importance of my existence?

How do my desires get in the way of my spiritual progress? How can I begin to reduce my attachments in order to free myself of all binds?

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