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Mother Earth's Call

Life is nature. And nature is life.

Life exists because of the sacred breath, that one beating pulse, the one radiating light of Pure Consciousness that breathes life into matter.

When we talk about living a yoga lifestyle, living yoga off the mat, we are talking about a life that is rooted in harmony. Not only of our body-mind-spirit, but also a life in balance with nature, our environment, our surroundings, and our relationships. We are the light of Pure Consciousness. Yet simultaneously we are a cell in the body of life. This is the sacred partnership yoga refers; the equal honoring of matter (eco) and spirit (yoga).

Your heart-center is a connecting point in the infinite web of life that unites you with all beings everywhere. When you live in harmony with the natural, intuitive pulse of nature that moves all matter, you are living according to dharma, to nature’s state of balance. When we live suffocated from the inherent life-pulse of nature, against the instinctive expression of nature, we live according to adharma, or imbalance.

This can be seen in our modern lifestyle and actions. Imbalance manifests in the body as disease, in the mind as unrest, and in the soul as lack of self-expression. This in turn manifests externally as selfish decisions, lack of awareness toward choices, ignorance to how a product or item came into being, and possibly as a feeling of disconnect from a connection to nature and Source.

When we live an eco-yoga life, we are living according to the rules and laws of Nature’s natural expression, Dharma. Remember, you are a product of nature. You are not separate from Her. You are a part of her and she is requesting that you thrive…not only as an individual but also as a part of her intrinsic collective.

In my humble opinion, it seems that our planet is in a state of suffering. It’s as if our beloved mother earth is sick and she is battling for her life. We can be her nourishment and medicine, like she has been ours for centuries, and the result is we simultaneously heal ourselves and the planet.

When I think about the number of the species that go extinct every day, or the football-sized fields of rainforest that are being destroyed every minute of every day. When I think about how we dig up the Earth's minerals, drain her resources, increase forest degradation or soil depletion I get discouraged and frustrated. When it seems we are a society of isolation rather than community….all of this makes me want to rise-up and stand strong in reshaping our collective future and reclaim our rights to the natural environment.

And yet, amongst all of this, Mother Earth strives on. She is restoring herself back to balance, back to equilibrium. Through her consciousness she is whispering to each one of us to awaken from within. There has never been a time like this in the history of the planet. We are here for a distinct purpose and with the possibility of great intention.

We can see this growing intention in our actions and desires to return to a simpler way of life. A more natural approach to living. We can see this expression in such things as solar power, wind harvesting, wild foraging, nature bathing, and intentional community gatherings. When we return our awareness to earth, the mother, consciousness, the sacred…when we reconnect to life as a whole, as a collective consciousness of love and inspiration.

We are here to answer the call from our Mother. We are here to be a beacon of light. We are here to restore balance within ourselves, our environments, and our local ecosystems. We need nature. We need the Earth’s medicines, sustenance, and healing potential to restore our own bodies and minds. And she needs us to change our habits, listen to her wisdoms, and live in harmony with her.

Isn’t it time we recognize that we are nature and that it is time to treat ourselves better?

It is a living, breathing inner calling that has awakened from the core of your being.

A request to embody yoga in every aspect of your life, including your relationship with earth.

The call is being sent out. Do you hear it?

You are the hope. I am the hope. We are the hope.

Let’s join in as a collective and embody the change we need for ourselves and our planet. No more daydreaming about what it “could” look like or waiting for government mandates to force the change we need to reverse climate change. Every single action matters. You matter.

It is time we live the harmonious union within matter and spirit, with an open-heart.


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