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A Training of the Times


A Journey of Return

Our Earth Mother is speaking to us through our hearts. She is sending out a call for humans to wake up and take definitive action to usher in a new paradigm, a new way of living. She is asking us to create a life of reciprocity, respect, love, and healing. Millions of us around the world are hearing and answering, this call. If you have landed here, you must have heard it too.

Our 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course is an invitation to experience and learn, a step-by-step process on how to be an agent of positive change.

Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga as Therapy) is nearly as old as Yoga itself. It is the oldest holistic concept and therapy of the world. This is the foundation of our course curriculum. 


Yoga Chikitsa is:

   - a return of the mind that feels separate from the Whole,

   - a return to a conscious, loving relationship with your Earth Mother,

   - a return from individuality to community,

   - a return from empty ethics to spiritual values,

   - a return from disease to a vibrant life.

For thousands of years, Yoga has been reverently handed down as a therapeutic medicine for human and planetary suffering. As yoga teachers + studio owners, we act as ambassadors for this transformational energy. In fact, yoga is a powerful medicine in addressing the many crisis we are facing today.

By saying "YES" to this inner call, you act as a healing immune cell in the body of Life. 


Join us for this intentional five month immersion and uncover your own unique role in ushering in a new way to live in harmony with Mother Earth. This Journey of Return is your birth right and a journey that celebrates the intersection of yoga, nature, community, and healing.

Do you feel the power and seriousness of the times we are living in right now? Do you feel the yearning in your heart to continue to grow so you can be of greater service to the transformation that is taking place?


As a circle of 10 participants, we launch with an 8-day retreat immersion and it lays the foundation for the rest of your five-month journey. After our initial retreat, we will meet virtually three times a month on Wednesdays, for 2hrs each session, April - July. The 4th Wednesday of the month acts as our 'winter' giving you time to retreat within and process.

By having consistent weekly sessions, you are able to uncover the depth of yogic wisdoms and integrate them immediately into your classes and offerings.

On Friday May 13th, you'll participate in our special "Medicine Women Symposium." This session is open to the public and hosts a panel of healers who will share wisdoms and practices they have gained through various fields of medicine. There is one online weekend immersion in June that is 3hr a day.

We close this concise journey with another 8-day retreat that solidifies your clear action plan to integrate the teachings into your career path and local community. 

We invite you to join us on this Journey of Return.


• 8-day Opening Retreat Immersion: March 24 - March 31, 2022 (optional 4-day retreat, rest virtual)

• 2hr virtual sessions 3 Wednesdays a month (April - July): Wednesdays 12pm EST (recorded)

• June 11 & 12, 2022: Online Weekend Immersion 9am - 12pm EST

• 8-day Closing Retreat Immersion: August 11 - 18, 2022

• Only 1 space open as of 3/12/2022.



Lila Lolling, Liz Sita Dunne, and Prem Sadasivananda are trained through the classical gurukula system of education, meaning they lived & studied with their teachers, and in community. Together they have a total of over 50 years of monastic training, making this advanced training a unique opportunity to dive in the traditions, while staying rooted in daily life.


 In fact, they all met at the ashram in New York in 2009 and have been collaborating ever since. This immersive type of education has profound impacts on what you are able to learn and embody.


Prem Sadasivananda, a scholar of Vedantic Philosophy, Hindu Scripture and Sanskrit, is well-known for his lively and humorous talks, his accessible teaching style and his unique ability to bring the ancient Yogic scriptures and texts to life in the modern world. See website


Lila Lolling is a classically trained yoga philosophy & Hatha Yoga instructor, teacher trainer, and author. Lila shares her passion for nature-based wisdoms with old-school yoga in a way that is practical and easy to understand. She is also a yoga therapist (IAYT) and environmentalist.

liz sita profile.png

Liz Sita Dunne is steward of Love Integration Yoga in Long Beach NY. She is a teacher of heart-centered, classical Hatha Yoga. During yoga TTs she is well known for her gentle teachings and mentorship. She has a gift for seeing the unique potential in others and bringing people together in community.

A Journey of Return


√  a 200hr or 500hr yoga teacher looking to deepen your understanding of classical yoga wisdoms + sacred ecology while integrating them into your offerings.

√  ready to embark on a journey of self-exploration and healing through the ancient sciences of yoga.

√  feeling called to be a steward of hope in a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

√  desiring to be a pioneer of the new earth paradigm, using ancient Yoga wisdoms and nature-based practices as medicine.

√  ready to lead your own retreats & trainings and want to learn how to create powerful experiences for your participants.

√  curious on how to develop transformative curriculum that weaves education, life experience, and practical applications.

√  in need of tips on how to be an effective facilitator for healing.

ready to level up!

We are calling to 10 yoga teachers who are ready to share your wisdoms in new ways, hold space for others' transformation, and be the medicine the world needs.


•  Advaita Vedanta Philosophy with Prem Sadasivananda

• Practical Yoga Philosophy with Lila Lolling

• Classical Hatha Yoga: energetic sequencing, subtle benefits, nadi health, chakra development, etc

• Yoga in Covid Times

• Nervous System + Trauma-sensitive Yoga

• Sacred Ecology from the Lens of Vedanta

• Somatic Practices, Ritual, and Heart Magic

• Weekly Mentorship with Lila + Liz Sita

• Yoga Teacher + Studio Owner Ethics

• How to Lead + Develop Teacher Trainings & Retreats

• How to Grow Your Offerings + Reach

Daily Retreat Schedule

6:30am - 7:30am: Satsang (meditation + dharma talk)

8am - 10am: Hatha Yoga: kriya, asana, pranayama

10am: Plant-based Brunch

11am: Karma Yoga: selfless service

12pm - 2pm: Philosophy Lecture (śravana)

2pm - 3pm: Free Time

3pm - 4pm: Pranic Recharge: Nidra or Nature Outing

4:30pm - 6pm: Embodied Philosophy

6pm: Plant-based Dinner

7pm - 8pm: Free Time

8pm - 9:30pm: Satsang + Sangha Share Circle

300hr Tuition: $4500

There is important work to be done in this world. Our 5-month program will give you all the tools you need to confidently share your unique medicine, and work, within the world. If you are in need of partial scholarship or monthly payment plan, please reach out and let's see what we can do.

$300 deposit, with your application, reserves your seat. Only 1 female twin bed open as of 3/12/2022.

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