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Moving from head to Heart

Life seems to be fleeting faster than ever before. It seems many of us are feeling overwhelmed by constant stimulation, are feeling trapped by our debt, and tired of living a go-go-go life. Rarely can we find the time to just sit and breathe, to appreciate this rare gift called Life and our unique role within Nature.

We are in the midst of a radical change in our society. More and more people are longing to be recognized, respected, honored, and witnessed. Millions of people are standing up for peace, unity, and love. For this spiritual awakening to continue, we are being asked to take the ancient journey from the head to our hearts.

When we live from our heart-space, we are tapping into the vast web of Life. We are resonating from a place of higher frequencies. We are instantaneously flooded with an endless well of unconditional love. Your heart-center is your very own inner sanctuary. It is your sacred place to reconnect to the vastness of who you are. It is a place that erases time, reduces stress, and calms the mind. It is the place of Oneness and Truth.

Your heart center is the seat of your soul, the voice of your wiser-self, and a door to Essence of your being. Do you long to know your Self more deeply? Do you long to be intimate with life, to have a sacred relationship with it? Do you crave a more peaceful, united, and loving world?


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