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What is yoga?

Yoga is often translated to mean 'union'. The ancient definition further explains that it is the harmonious frequency of the individual and pure consciousness. One could more poetically define yoga as instinctive yet intuitive dance between nature and spirit, matter and consciousness.

Yoga is the art of living free. Yoga gives rise to the passionate voice that resides in the cave of your sacred heart. Yoga is living awake. It is the journey from artificial life to natural life. To live yoga is to live in alliance with all of life on earth, as yoga views all life as sacred.

Yoga scriptures include topics on:

  • Natural + healing medicines, Ayurveda

  • Harmonious living, laws of Nature - Dharma

  • Spirituality, Vedanta

  • Psychology of the mind, Raja Yoga

  • Energetics of nature, Tantra

  • Hatha Yoga - self purification

Yoga life was traditionally simple, clean, and natural. The men and women of ancient yoga lived amongst the wild, undomesticated humans and thus, free thinkers. Yoga has a magical transformative power to uplift the human being on all levels; physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, intuitively, and spiritually. It has the ability to deepen your life, creating authentic relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you.

When we integrate yoga's ancient principles in daily life, we will see our life manifest as one of freedom, joy, vitality, harmony, connection, love, and regeneration. Yoga is our birthright for it is the greatest expression of life itself.

monk in water worship


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