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Presence is the Pause

Presence is who you are. It is necessary for your spiritual transformation. No progress can be made without presence.

Presence is the result of a quiet mind and open heart.

Presence connects you to truth, love, unity, peace, joy, understanding, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, patience, and humility. Presence helps you to stand strong in your own two feet, establish healthy boundaries, and act in alignment with your soulful values.



• What does presence mean to me?

• What qualities become magnetized to presence?

• What is my relationship to presence?



• Mono-Tasking: when doing an action, only do one action. When you cook, cook. When you're driving, drive. When you are in presence of another, be present.

• Develop Devotional Practices: by practicing heart opening techniques and adding devotion to your lifestyle, your mind will become quieter and more focused.

• Use your Breath: when you find yourself triggered and/or wanting to escape the moment, take a few deep breaths. Your breath will bring you back to presence.

• Take the Pause: Presence is the pause. Use this pause to realign yourself with your soulful values and reconnect you with the moment.

• Identify what's around you: When you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, begin naming the items around you. This invites acceptance, and presence, into the moment.

• Tune to Love: By tuning to love, you raise your overall frequency. A higher frequency guides your mind to the moment, and to the space of connection, unity, and peace.


Looking to practice with me? Download the free Insight Timer app and give me a follow to join my live events and my group Earth Loving Seekers. More info and earth-centered meditations are located in our private group. I look forward to connecting and meditating with you soon!


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