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Living and Loving Yoga

Yoga is more than the physical postures, breathing practices, and even meditation. Yoga is the moment when there is no longer subject and object. No more the experience, or idea, of separation and identification.

Yoga is the state of eternal peace. Yoga exists without qualities.

Beyond time.

Beyond the mind.

Yoga is pure bliss and beyond. It is an experience, not a practice. Yoga is the innate state of Pure Consciousness.

Yoga is who you are at your essence.

It is your soul's nectar.

It is who you are meant to become, meant to Realize.

For you are Pure Bliss.

Eternal Peace.

Unconditional Love.

Yoga is an ancient science that includes branches of knowledge such as philosophy, psychology, spirituality, ritual, numerology, ecology, medicine, and more. It is the method, as well as the result, to awaken from this relative reality and embody the Omnipresence while in human form.

Yoga is a vast collection of ancient teachings and practices that contain the transformative power to transcend human suffering and also human consciousness.


As yoga teachers and practitioners, we are dedicated to transcending the illusion, to lifting that veil. We are committed to uncovering our incarnation's soul purpose and fulfilling our sole legacy. We do this selflessly. As a conscious act to burn our past karmas, while being a positive impact in the present moment. We do the work and show up in life as much as can.

If you've experienced the transformative power of yoga on the mat and are looking to take it into your daily life, you are in the right place. For this is my mission and these are my offerings...


What does yoga mean to you?

Please share your definition below.

clouds that are dark on the edges and get lighter in the middle and the middle area is open and the blue sky is peeking through.
What does yoga mean to you?


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