Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training

Become certified to teach philosophy workshops + trainings



Lila Lolling is known for her ease of translating ancient yoga texts and making them relevant for today's yoga practitioner. She has studied the scriptures with monks and acharyas for 20 years and credits the hands-on education she received at the ashrams (monasteries) for the wisdoms she passionately shares today. 


She presents the information in a way that is fresh, easy to digest, fun, and packed with wisdoms and tips for applying the teachings in yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings.

Since 2004, Lila has been a successful full-time yoga teacher, offering hundreds of workshops, retreats, and training courses for students and teachers like. Her background prior to yoga is business management and she shares that too in her service endeavors and teachings.

This Yoga Philosophy TT (YPTT) is designed for asana instructors and yoga enthusiasts inspired to dive into the subtle layers of yoga's ancient teachings. You will learn techniques and tips on how to apply yoga teachings off the mat and in daily life while assisting your students/clients to do the same.

This specialized YPTT empowers yoga teachers to take their teaching and study to the next level.

YPTT Sample Schedule

Friday: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Sunday: 9am - 5pm

- All hours must be completed in order to receive Saraswati Yoga School's Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training Level One, 20-hr certificate.


- There is a manual that is included so that the student can take the teachings home and review the information for their own workshops. 



YPTT Curriculum

  • Defining Yoga and its many paths

  • Understanding the play between Maya (illusion), Brahman (Pure Consciousness) and Atman (Eternal Self), and Jiva (human)

  • In-depth study of 3 Gunas: sattva, rajas, tamas

  • Understanding Dharma & Karma

  • Deep Exploration into 5 Koshas

  • Raja Yoga: Understanding the mind and its functions

  • Nuances of teaching yoga philosophy workshops, immersions, and retreats

  • How to take your offerings, and your students, to the next level

  • How to guide yourself and your students on the spiritual path and work through karmas

Yoga Philosophy TT FAQs

What's required to host a Yoga Philosophy TT at my studio?

Simply contact Lila Lolling the founder of Saraswati Yoga School to schedule her at your sacred space. She is always looking to present at yoga studios who are looking to further support their teachers and community by deepening their understanding and practices of ancient yoga. She believes that when yoga teachers have a clear grasp of the teachings of yoga and how they weave through all the various paths (karma, bhakti, raja, tantra, jnana, etc) the teacher is better equipped to assist their students in life; which is really just aiding them in karma management.

Is there a certificate with this course?

Yes! This is a certified course by Saraswati Yoga School. There are already plans for levels 2 and 3 as the nuances of yoga philosophy is such a large topic that it requires ongoing study to continue to further your knowledge of the subtlies that lie within this beauitful way of seeing the world and living life.

How long are the trainings?

The Level One Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training is 20 hours of education. It is a 3-day immersion that usually requires 3 hours on Friday night, 9am - 6pm on Saturday and 9am - 5pm on Sunday. Lila Lolling is a continued education provider through Yoga Alliance (YACEP), and this course offers currently registered teachers 20 contact hours of continued education. These hours are available for Yoga Alliance Continued Education credits.

How does yoga philosophy benefit my studio?

As we all know, the yoga studio business model needs some refining. The typical student attends asana classes, may or may not take a few workshops, and then they jump into a Yoga TT, even if they are not desiring to become a teacher. By offering yoga philosophy workshops, you are reaching the general population, adding a "product" to your studio, and giving your teachers more of an opprotunity to serve in a way outside the asana classroom. By doing this you are creating a slower paced, life-integrated path for the yoga aspirant. This encrouages a deeper level of learning, healing and increases student retention.

Is there a training near me now?

Possibly... check Lila's calendar page to see if a YPTT is hosted near you. If not, email her to see if she can come to your studio.

What is the cost for the training?

The tuition for the training is a per person cost. There is a minimum of 10 people per training. The travel and accommodations will be provided by Lila as it is included in the per person tuition. A manual is also included that gives students the ability to continue their study at home.