Do you currently lead, or desire to lead, Yoga Teacher Training courses? 

Do you wish you had some assistance in the Yoga Alliance category of Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics (YPLE)?

Do you desire to add a classical perspective of your training, introducing your trainees to Yoga's traditions?

For over 15 years I have been facilitating and presenting in Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Therapy Trainings around the globe. My TT offerings blend tradition, classical yoga wisdoms, and practical experience that develops your trainees confidence in teaching yoga beyond asana.

Here are three ways we can work together to add value to your training program:


Workshops & Series

At the core of my teachings is the desire to share classical yoga philosophy with modern practitioners, and I weave this into every TT workshop and series I co-create with the TT program leader.

Topics and curriculum can be customized to fit into your current teaching plan, either bespoke or something I have taught before.

Topic Examples:

- Yoga Philosophy

- Introduction to the 5 Koshas

- Stress + It's Impact

- Living an Integrated Yoga Life

- Classical Hatha Yoga

- Prana + Pranayama

- Yoga Psychology


- plus other topics that can easily blend in your program's goals and intentions.


Modules: YPLE

I am always honored to be invited into a teacher training program to run a more in-depth module with your trainees.

Some of the features I offer within the module package are

  • Manual pages

  • Reviews & testing 

  • Homework

  • Mentoring with the lead facilitator


"Having Lila present my YPLE module has been the best decision for my training! Not only did she fill the curriculum I didn't feel confident, she added so much depth and richness to the training!" - Cara 



Mentorship is the most in-depth way to work with me in laughing, or refining, your training program.


Our process is hands-on, supportive, and a way to not only transform your teacher training program but also you as a teacher, guide, and yoga practitioner.

The mentorship package includes me as a co-teacher, curriculum development, empowerment coaching, business counseling and more. 



'Lila Lolling helped me immensely through the process of facilitating my first 200HR TT.  As a mentor, Lila assisted in the planning of the TT guidelines and schedule, the development of the coursework and training manual, as well as the submission of materials to Yoga Alliance. Her assistance and support were invaluable to me, and allowed me to continue to run my business and teach my classes without having to worry so much about the details of offering a Teacher Training.'

 - Cara Sax, Elevate Yoga Studio West Chester, NY 200hr TT

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