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Whispered Wisdoms

My Sweet child,

look within, for it is I,

your Divine Mother & Beloved

that rests within your heart.

In your Silence i whisper to you

my secrets.

Listen attentively

to what I have to say.

What you seek in another

you can only find

through cultivating me in your heart.

What you think

evolves you through service,

is only my Source animating you.

What you long of renunciation

can be done with or without

saffron-colored robes.

The practices that you think healed you

is only the Grace of my very breath.

The intellect you have come to trust

is only my whispered wisdoms.

The path that you think leads to me

only leads to my feet, not my totality.

To Realize me

you must be

completely naked, completely free, completely pure.

Just Be Beloved,

for I am already there

patiently awaiting you to see

I am you.​


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