Līlā (Leela) Lolling is a classically-trained international yoga instructor, author, social justice and earth activist. She focuses on the intersections between climate yoga and social justice. Through her free EcoYoga Life App, she educates and inspires yoga teachers + practitioners around the world in living a sustainable, spiritual, and purposeful life.

Lila is known for her social justice work teaching yoga in ASL, advocating Deaf + Hard of Hearing yogis have equal access to yoga. For this, she has been featured in leading yoga magazines and media channels. In 2018 she presented at the United Nation, addressing the world's dignitaries on "Yoga and Peace".

Whether online, near ocean seas or Himalayan peaks, you will hear me sharing a yoga fun fact or discussing the possibility to reverse the climate crisis. I have a passion for spreading a hopeful message about answering Mother Nature's call for personal + planetary transformation.

My inborn curiosity and the quest to know how yoga stopped my seizures, led me to two decades of study and service with the International Sivananda Organization. Through my affiliation within one lineage [Saraswati], I was able to dive deeply into the multifaceted nuances of classical yoga teachings and scriptures.

When I first began my yoga journey, I was only practicing and teaching the postures, the asanas. Yet I deeply desired to expand my understanding of Yoga's ancient wisdoms and incorporate them into my life and offerings.

For over 20 years I have travelled the world studying and living with swamis and sadhus, mostly students of Swami Sivananda from the Saraswati lineage.


Every time I teach, I stand on their shoulders, and all the great yogis & yoginis, who over millennia preserved the teachings, stood up for Dharma, and made the teachings relevant to their audience.


I offer you what they offered me, while weaving my own crest jewels I picked up along my own journey. My passion is to educate and mentor yoga teachers, studio owners, and spiritual seekers on the nuances of ancient yoga wisdoms and how to apply them to your life and your life's work



Right now we are at a precipice of great suffering. Human disease rates and stress levels are through the roof. Carbon emissions, sea levels, and global temperatures are also rising.

At the same time, there is an uprising of hopeful action. Millions of people are standing up for environmental, social, and economic justice. Millions are demanding peace, equality, and regeneration. 

Yoga scripture states that Hatha Yoga, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Vedas were reverently handed down for this era. They are wisdoms that give us insights to solve the various discords of today. We are ripe for change, and yoga is a path that can lead to (r)evolution.



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