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What's behind my teachings?

The Principles to my Offerings

Throughout my life I have been curious. There's a joke in my family about how my first word was 'why.'

This inherent curiosity enabled me to gain a wealth of information in the fields of classical yoga and natural living. My heart and soul are deeply embedded into their wisdoms. I love watching the intrinsic and passionate dance between Siva + Shakti in daily life.

When I feel into the heart of what I offer, not just the topics or subjects, I find four governing principles that are the essence of the teachings.


I call these my Four Directions:
   wisdom, reverence, rewinding, and transformation.

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My Four Directions


Ancient Yoga includes many branches of wisdoms; such as philosophy, psychology, spirituality, ecology, medicine, ritual, and more. Yoga is the theory and practice of how to live in harmony with oneself, others, and the planet. Wisdoms are the fuel for change. Therefore Lila loves sharing many wisdoms!


Living with a sense of awe, wonder and deep gratitude offers presence, trust, and spiritual fulfillment. Reverence is living heart-forward which creates a life of authenticity, connection, and love. It is the embodiment that all life is sacred. Reverence is the attitude we hold when receiving, studying and carrying the ancienyoga and earth wisdoms forward.


Humans spend 93% of life indoors and about 10 hours a day on a device. We have been striped from our natural habitat and forced to live an artificial, technological life. Rewilding is a heart-opening, life enhancing practice that rekindles the  wild + authentic voice of your human expression in daily life.


The heart of all of Lila's teachings is transformation. She advocates for both  personal + planetary ongoing refinement. Her life enriching, earth honoring content ignites the spark of hope and stimulates growth. Nature is always changing, always. And so do we. Let's open up and transform ourselves inside, out.

What are your 4 Directions?

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