Sat, Oct 16 | Zoom Room

20hr Yoga Philosophy TT: Online

This 20hr Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training is designed for yoga instructors to learn how to use ancient yoga wisdoms as a framework to working with others. Whether for private sessions, workshops or trainings, this course gives you a solid foundation to grow your offerings.
20hr Yoga Philosophy TT: Online

Dates & Location

Oct 16, 10:00 AM GMT+1 – Oct 17, 5:00 PM GMT+1
Zoom Room

Event Description

This Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training is designed to train yoga instructors on how to use ancient yoga wisdoms as a framework for working with others in the fields of yoga. Whether for private sessions, yoga philosophy workshops, or teacher trainings, this level one TT gives you a solid foundation and tools to grow. 

Lila Lolling has over 20 years of study in the field of Advaita Vedanta and other Classical Yogas. By mainly studying with one lineage, she has come to learn the important and subtle nuances of yoga's psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. When teaching she provides a wealth of information; weaving everyday life experiences with ancient teachings from yoga and the natural world.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Defining Yoga and its Margas, the many paths of yoga and their benefits and aims (bhakti, karma, jnana)
  • Understanding the play between Maya (illusion), Brahman (Pure Consciousness) and Atman (Eternal Self).
  • The Jiva: How Yoga defines the human experience
  • In-depth study of Energy in all of Life: 3 Gunas - sattva, rajas, tamas
  • Understanding Dharma & Karma and their Relationship
  • Deep Dive into the Five Sheaths (panchakoshas) and how they relate to daily life
  • Raja Yoga: Understanding thought world, the mind and how it functions
  • Karma Management: Learning to work with others
  • Nuances of teaching yoga philosophy workshops, immersions, and retreats

Course certificate is awarded upon graduation from Saraswati Yoga School. Twenty (20) contact hours of Continued Education through Yoga Alliance in America.

Course Investment:


This course is now being offered online due to Covid-19.

The weekend zoom hours will be shortened to only 10 hours, and you can then view 10hours of pre-recorded content at your own timing. Details coming soon.

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